An Australia guided by the spirit of the Eureka Tradition as symbolised by the diggers' flag and oath:
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties"

Australia for the People Jock Graham
A Call for Labor Unity

Working people of Australia, we have won our way at last
To the shining gates of freedom from the chain-gangs of the past;
In our hands the arms of Labor, on our lips a Labor song,
In our minds the Labor knowledge which determines right from wrong.

We have come, "convicted criminals," to open up the land,
When our only "crime" was courage for a work-and-bread demand -
Here we blazed the paths of progress and our first trade union made,
And we pledged Australia liberty and built our first stockade.

Miners, shearers, watersiders - all our fighting pioneers,
Steeled in struggle thro' the nineties - all the lean and toiling years,
For a higher living standard, for the corn of life we sow,
For democracy and freedom, and the better world we know.

We salute these gallant comrades for our forums in our parks,
For our chance to study Lenin and the classic works of Marx;
They have helped to make our "Tribune" with the "Fighting Boomerang,"
Form the lines of Francis Adams, and the verses Lawson sang.

Yet we still have old man Capital and hovels for his slaves
Where disease, congestion, hunger, fill our children's early graves;
And we sing of well-won glory to the tramp of weary feet,
Where our poortith-driven daughters are delilahs of the street.

And the parasites still plunder - sap the heart of humankind,
Still destroy the fruits of science, warp the young and growing mind;
But their breeding ground is lessening and shrinking are their powers -
So take courage in the present for the future will be ours.

When Reaction, in a "liberal" or "democratic" name,
With oppression tries to break us and the Labor spirit tame,
We shall rise in serried numbers as our native wattle grows,
We shall rise as we have risen o'er our flood and fire foes.

We shall fight to free our country ANY Fascist would despoil
As the dust-bowls where erosion now is ravaging her soil;
We shall fight for her immunity from pain and misery,
And we'll draw our inspiration from her storied history.

Our Australian Labor annals - epic pages of the past -
Tell of bastions of freedom in immortal valour cast;
How our unions and our councils round the industries were formed;
Of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and the Fascist forts they've stormed.

Hail our independent manhood by the blood of martyrs bought;
Praise our pioneering fathers for the heritage they sought-
For the good of our great country and her people-more and more
Let us work with common purpose as we never worked before.

Close the ranks of Labor's army, there is need for courage still;
Workers, soldiers, all together in one unity of will;
'Tis Eureka's bugle rolling, ringing down the southern sky;
Fall in, fall in for freedom, or with freedom we must die.


This poem appeared in the 1945 collection of John (Jock) Graham's poems "Blood on the Coal"