An Australia guided by the spirit of the Eureka Tradition as symbolised by the diggers' flag and oath:
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties"

Victoria's 'Southern Cross' by Raphael Carboni
Tune: The 'Standard Bearer'

WHEN Ballaarat unfurled the 'Southern Cross,'
Of joy a shout ascended to the heavens;
The bearer was Toronto's Captain Ross;
And frightened into fits red-taped ravens.

For brave Lalor--
Was found 'all there,'
With dauntless dare:
His men inspiring:
To wolf or bear,
Defiance bidding,
He made them swear--
Be faithful to the Standard, for victory or death. (Bis.)

Blood-hounds were soon let loose, with grog imbued,
And murder stained that Sunday! Sunday morning;
The Southern Cross in digger's gore imbrued,
Was torn away, and left the diggers mourning!


Victoria men, to scare, stifle, or tame,
Ye quarter-deck monsters are too impotent;
The Southern Cross will float again the same,
UNITED Britons, ye are OMNIPOTENT.



Written in by Raphael Carboni, this song appeared in his book "The Eureka Stockade" (1855) followed by this note:

"Thus I had spanned the strings of my harp, but the strain broke them asunder in the gaol."