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Bakery Hill a song from The Eureka Suite by John Munro

At Bakery Hill
(there’s a union founded)
It’s a matter of will
(we’re gonna have our say)
You can feel it there still
(where the movement’s grounded)
The line was drawn at Bakery Hill

We who are many but now speak with one voice
We’ll make them listen we will give them no choice

On the 11th day in 1854, was the month of November
A day just like one yet to come, we will remember

While we unite here for justice, how will they reach us
We gave them no choice, now they plan to teach us

We will stand here together to fight the licensing fee
Our brothers held in iron chains, they will be set free


Many thanks to John Munro for permission to add this song to the eureka150 website. John wrote this song as part of his Eureka Suite and is a member of Colcannon

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