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Something's Coming a song from The Eureka Suite by John Munro

To Ballarat, the Kulin people came,
they found a place to rest
and so the name became,
since time before time began,
in all their dreaming never dreamed
to own the land

This place will never be the same
There's something coming can't explain
Tomorrow's promise, pride and shame
Before a nation's born

To Ballarat, the white men made their way,
In 1831 northwest from Corio Bay,
Their fate to hold the land in sway
And watch the once proud Kulin people
Fade away

At Ballarat, soon cattle grazed with kangaroo
Beside the waterhole, sheep and dingo and emu,
And inch by inch and one by one
The sacred earth was lost
just as the land was won


Many thanks to John Munro for permission to add this song to the eureka150 website. John wrote this song as part of his Eureka Suite and is a member of Colcannon

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