An Australia guided by the spirit of the Eureka Tradition as symbolised by the diggers' flag and oath:
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties"


Ballarat Eureka Centre 2007
Susan Ryan Defend Democracy speech 2 December 2006
Rod Cavalier's notes for Bob Walshe book launch 2005
Charter of The Ballarat Reform League
The Great Australian Goldrush & Eureka Stockade R.D. Walshe 2005
Bob Walshe address at University of Melbourne Wednesday 1 December 2004
Notes for 150th anniversary of Eureka: Bob Walshe 2004
Eureka: Books and Articles
Eureka 150: Ballarat Events Calendar
Eureka 150: Diversity, Dissent, Democracy
Eureka 150: Democracy Conference
Eureka Centre Ballarat
Sovereign Hill
ETU Eureka Committee
Reclaiming the Radical Spirit
Raffaello Carboni: The Eureka Stockade (online text)
Ausflag - Eureka Flag
Eureka Rebellion 1845 Articles & Links (local history)
State Library of Victoria: Eureka Stockade (online exhibition)

Australia Post has produced Eureka stamps and the Royal Australian Mint has struck Eureka coins
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eureka suiteAustralia Post Eureka Stamp  Eureka Sockade Coin   

Eureka Rebellion Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
Carboni a play by John Romeril
The Eureka Rebellion of 1854 by Eric Petersen
The Eureka Rebellion: Convict Creations
Eureka Gold Fever The Buninyong Film Festival
Eureka Dawn Walk 2003
Eureka on Trial Archives of the Eureka Stockade
Documenting a Democracy
Eureka the musical
The Eureka Stockade Special Anniversary Edition (MUP)
Stitches across time to honour Eureka flag
The Eureka Suite written by John Munro
He Found and Raised Eureka's Trampled Flag Len Fox Tribute: Bob Walshe
Eureka Stockade unravelled
With stars in their eyes
After 150 years, Eureka flag still stirs rebellion
New generation raises rebels' starry banner
Spirit for a Fair Go
Jack Mundey - Australian Biography
New Matilda magazine
Human Rights for Australia

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