An Australia guided by the spirit of the Eureka Tradition as symbolised by the diggers' flag and oath:
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties"

Eureka Songs and Poems (44)

A good number of poems and songs about Eureka, or that invoke the Eureka flag or the Eureka rebellion, have been published over the past 158 years.

Victoria's 'Southern Cross' Raphael Carboni (1855)
Flag of the Southern Cross Henry Lawson (1887)
Eureka Henry Lawson (1889)
The Fight at Eureka Stockade
Henry Lawson (1890)
Republican Pioneers Henry Lawson
Eureka Rev. T. J. Hyder (1894)
Struck It At Last Edward Dyson (1896)
A Ballad of Eureka Victor J Daley (1901)
The Australian Flag Francis Adams (1909)
Fling Out the Flag Francis Adams (1910)
Australia's Forgotten Flag Henry Lawson (1911)
Reveille Marie E.J. Pitt (1911)
Golden Days Of Ballarat Nathan F. Spielvogel (1928)
Eureka Nathan F. Spielvogel (1928)
The Men of Eureka Mary Gilmour (1931)
I Accuse Jock Graham (1938)
The Oath of Eureka Bartlett Adamson (1939)
Strike For Indonesian Freedom Bartlett Adamson (1945)
Australian Working-class March Jock Graham (1945)
We, the Workers of the World Bartlett Adamson (1945)
Australia for the People Jock Graham (1945)
Ballad of Eureka Helen Palmer (1950)
White Stars on the Blue Bartlett Adamson (1951)
The Ballad of 1891 Helen Palmer (1951)

Ticket for Centenary Celebration in Sydney
from "The Eureka Flag", Len Fox

Cross of the South Kenneth Cook (1971)
Isle of France Bob Bolton
Rebel Song Shane Howard (1978)
Beneath the Southern Cross Louis McManus (1983)
Lads of the B.L.F. Alistair Hulett (1988)
Something's Coming John Munro (1999)
The Land Belongs to Them John Munro (1999)
Loyalty John Munro (1999)
The Gathering John Munro (1999)
Republic John Munro (1999)
Bentley's Pub John Munro (1999)
The Queen's Justice John Munro (1999)
Bakery Hill John Munro (1999)
Rebellion John Munro (1999)
Spirit of the Land John Munro (1999)
The Eureka Suite John Munro (1999)
Anastasia's Petticoat Phyl Lobl (2003/4)
Tunc Justus Raphael Carboni (1855) Kavisha Mazzella (2004)
Fire! Fire! In the street!!!!!! Kavisha Mazzella (2004)
Ballad of Eureka Martin McKenna (2006)

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